Three Masks Inc.

Greetings All,

Given the times that we’re living in, it’s always nice to have a place that you can go to rejuvenate and regain a peace of a mind. It might be your home, backyard, favorite restaurant, bookstore, nightclub, who knows. One thing’s for certain, by the time you leave, the troubles of the day or week instantly become minuscule.

This is exactly how I feel aboutĀ Three Masks Inc./Bushman #1 Art Gallery & Event Center.








“Sharing Africa from Within”

Three Masks Inc. is an African Gift Store and Art Museum located in Orlando, FL. The pieces come directly from the continent by way of Cote d’ivoire, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and South Africa. They also work with local artists in the community who showcase their art and other crafts as well. Their address is 1023 W Colonial Drive. Orlando, FL 32804.

The first time I stepped foot in this museum it felt like I was visiting a very close friend or family member; that’s how loving it is there. The staff is not only warm and accommodating to any questions that you may have, but they’re extremely knowledgeable about global African history. I’d spend hours on the weekend just having conversations about ancient African history, art, culture, politics, and different social issues. The beauty of this was that I wasn’t the only one, other like-minded visitors were the same way.

If you’re in the Central Florida area as a local or visitor, I want to encourage you to check out this amazing venue. For more information about their art and other products, please visit the official website. You can also stay updated on all of their current events by connecting with them on Facebook.

Until Next Time…

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