Words From The Wise: Jay Winter Nightwolf

“When the European invader came here in the late 1490s there were 112 million of us in this Republic of the United States; it’s not a country, it’s a Republic. And in less than 500 years, through genocidal practices, through the introduction of diseases that we had no immunity to, and other evil things that he brought with him—arrogance, greed—our numbers went from 112 million to less than a million by 1930. How do you kill off 111 million great people, loving people, people who are willing to share whatever they have regardless of how small it is or how much they got? How do you do that?”

– Jay Winter Nightwolf


Last year, I made the conscious decision no longer to celebrate Thanksgiving. And, recently, there’s been a lot of in-fighting happening here in the United States about having blind patriotism for a country built and sustained off of hatred, bigotry, and racism. So it only makes sense to question the abuse towards the original natives, which is where Jay Winter Nightwolf comes in.

Jay Winter Nightwolf (Jay Gola Wahya Sunoyi) is a registered member of the Echota Cherokee Nation of Alabama. He’s also an accomplished journalist, an active member of The American Indian Society, and the originator and host of WPFW 89.3 FM’s radio show “The American Indian’s Truth.”

I came across an interview of his that I had to share on this blog. The topics of discussion range from Native American genocide to the relationship between Africans and Native Americans (pre-Christopher Columbus) to the True Meaning of Thanksgiving. Hopefully, this information will encourage many to use more discernment when it comes to celebrating American holidays and other cultural “traditions” that shouldn’t be glorified.

Feel free to comment below if you’d like to discuss.

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  1. I also posted a piece on this very same subject. Thank you for posting this to help bring awareness of just what it is we are ‘celebrating’.

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    1. Yeah, I saw your post yesterday. And you’re right, we’re ignorantly celebrating the genocide of Native Americans.

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