Nigeria’s eNaira Currency

Nigeria has become the first African country to launch its own digital currency: the eNaira. According to Africa News, Nigeria is the most populous country on the continent and has the largest economy. The new digital currency will improve cross-border trade, push financial inclusion for those outside the formal economy, and increase remittances. Nigerian President…

Queen Elizabeth II to be Removed from Bahamian 100 Dollar Bill

The Bahamian government is removing the image of Queen Elizabeth II from their 100 dollar bill and replacing it with former governor-general Arthur Dion Hanna, who recently passed. According to Loop Caribbean News, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis recently made this announcement and was supported by Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis and AD Hanna’s family….

France Withdraws CFA Franc from West African Countries

In a previous post, France’s colonial rule in West Africa was discussed. Well, I came across some news relative to that post that I had to share. The following comes out of Face 2 Face Africa. Eight West African countries are cutting financial ties with France and replacing the CFA franc. Their new currency will…

The Jamaican Dollar Declines

Greetings Folks, I came across some news earlier that I had to share with you all. This story comes out of LOOP Jamaica. The Jamaica dollar has apparently declined by $1.42 against the United States greenback. According to the trading summary of the Bank of Jamaica, it’s depreciated by $1.42 amount against the U.S. dollar….