Toys, games, athletic equipment, indoor and outdoor appliances, pet products. Does that sound like something that you need? If so, I’d recommend checking out Supply-N-Demand. Based in Atlanta, GA, Supply-N-Demand offers apparel, electronics, sporting goods, toys, and more. For more information, check out their official website. You can also stay connected on Facebook and Instagram….

P.O.P Publishing

As those of you who’ve been following this blog already know, I’m an avid reader. And I came across a publishing company that I wanted to share for any aspiring authors out there. P.O.P Publishing Founded by Best-Selling Author Shannon Anderson, P.O.P Publishing (Power of Purpose Publishing) offers high-quality service for all of their authors….

Red’s Kitchen Sink

Greetings Everyone, Have you been searching for natural hair care products? What about skincare, are you looking for that as well? Well, I’ve found a company that offers both. And as a customer, you won’t be disappointed. Red’s Kitchen Sink Red’s Kitchen Sink offers handmade natural hair and skin products that will help grow your hair and…

Local Spotlight

Greetings Folks, With all of the depressing news stories out there, it’s always good to read about something uplifting. The following story comes out of Atlanta, GA, by way of CBS46 News. Jamar Austin, who you see in the featured image of this post, is a Pre-Med, Georgia State student that saved the life of an 18-year-old…