Cameras the Size of a Grain of Salt?

There is a new ultra-compact camera in development that is not only the size of a grain of salt but produces quality images better than a lot of the conventional compact cameras.

According to Science Alert, this salt-sized camera is being developed with a technology known as metasurface and can capture full-color photos that are as good as those shot with regular lenses. It also combines hardware with computational processing to improve the captured image, essentially using software to improve its vision.

Princeton University computer scientist Ethan Tseng stated the following:

“It’s been a challenge to design and configure these little microstructures to do what you want.”

“For this specific task of capturing large field of view RGB images, it was previously unclear how to co-design the millions of nano-structures together with post-processing algorithms.”

These new tiny cameras could assist robots, many in the medical field, and phone cameras.

“We could turn individual surfaces into cameras that have ultra-high resolution, so you wouldn’t need three cameras on the back of your phone anymore, but the whole back of your phone would become one giant camera.”

“We can think of completely different ways to build devices in the future.”

I can assume that espionage field agents could also benefit from this device.

Just a thought.

Until Next Time…


Photo Credit: Science Alert and Paudal

Nield, D. (2021, December 4). This New Ultra-Compact Camera Is The Size of a Grain of Salt And Takes Stunning Photos. Science Alert. Retrieved December 4, 2021, from 


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