Will Donald Trump Run Again in 2024?

During a recent interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Former President Donald Trump was asked about his future plans in politics, with many curious about a 2024 presidential run. He responded with the following:

“Well, let me just put it this way, I love our country and I think a lot of people are going to be very happy.”

According to Newsweek, the approval rating of President Joe Biden and his administration has dropped significantly since August. Real Clear Politics polls show a 42.7 percent approval rate compared to a 51.3 percent disapproval. And although both Trump and Biden’s favorability amongst the American public is relatively low, recent polls by Redfield & Wilton Strategies showed that 44 percent of Americans would vote for Trump in 2024 compared to 39 percent for President Biden.

Donald Trump has been teasing a run since the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February.

“Actually you know they just lost the White House [in 2020], I may even decide to beat them for a third time.”

Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon and Former Advisor Jason Miller have openly stated that Donald Trump will run again, especially when we consider the fact that he never stopped campaigning.

According to NBC News, Donald Trump has held rallies in key states, endorsed candidates for federal and statewide office, and continues to fundraise for his “Save America” political action committee.

Chris Wilson, a Republican Strategist and pollster of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign, believes that Trump’s behavior is strategic regardless of a 2024 run.

“I would describe what Trump is doing right now as not not running for president. Everything he’s doing could morph into a 2024 campaign quite easily, but it also keeps him in the public eye and with a strong base of political power if he decides to play kingmaker in the primary and do something else instead.”

A Political Science Professor at Claremont McKenna College, John J. Pitney, argued that Donald Trump’s name, support from the Republican Party, and ability to raise money put him in a position where he can afford to wait on a formal decision.

“If he wants the GOP nomination, it’s his for the asking.”

“Trump is in a unique position,” which allows him to “content himself with making money, waging legal battles and getting the occasional fix of audience applause”

President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill may raise his approval rating. But if Donald Trump officially decides to run again in 2024, Biden will have a tough opponent with a higher advantage this go-around.

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Photo Credit: Boston Herald

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