Two or More Servings of Fish Per Week Can Fight Off Brain Disease?

For all of the pescatarians out there, I came across some interesting news.

A recent study from the University of Bordeaux found that people who eat two or more servings of fish per week have a lower chance of developing vascular brain disease: a condition that damages blood flow and vessels in the brain. Eating a diet rich in fish—particularly salmon, tuna, and sardines— provides protection for people younger than 75.

According to the Knowridge Science Report, the study was conducted on 1,623 elders, 65 years and up. Brain scans were taken to search for vascular disease, indicating cognitive decline and dementia. They found that 31% of the elders who didn’t eat any fish had underlying vascular brain disease; 23% for those who ate fish three times per week, and 18% for those who ate four or more servings.

The team advised that our diet plays a strong factor in our cognitive decline, so it’s imperative that we modify it accordingly.

If this is true, then I’m on the right track.

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Photo Credit: Jessica Gavin

Eating 2 or more servings of fish weekly may protect your brain health. Knowridge Science Report. (2021, November 14). Retrieved November 14, 2021, from 


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  1. Interesting I love fish though try not to consume too much meat. Great write up!

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    1. Yeah, me too, bro. I have to do a little more research.


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