The Komodo dragon Faces Extinction

The Indonesian Komodo dragon is endangered and currently under the threat of extinction.

According to Mail & Guardian, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) changed the Komodo dragon’s status from vulnerable to endangered due to climate change.

The IUCN stated the following:

“Rising global temperature and subsequent sea levels are expected to reduce the Komodo dragon’s suitable habitat by at least 30% in the next 45 years.”

The Komodo dragon, a member of the monitor lizard family, can be found at the Komodo National Park and Flores island in Indonesia. Growing up to two meters and weighing 130kg, this lizard is the largest on earth. Currently, 38,543 dragons out of the counted 138,374 are threatened to go extinct.

Poaching and tourism also pose a threat to the Komodo dragon. A “Jurassic Park” style tourist attraction on Rinca island has raised concerns for conservationists.

A coordinator of the Komodo Survival Programme, Deni Purwandana, argued the following:

“The severity and extent of human actions impacting Komodo dragon populations, especially on Flores Island, are only just being realised.”

“Having an insight into future impacts of climate change provides new possibilities to work with conservation agencies and local communities to find on-ground solutions that will limit climate and other threats to Komodo dragons and their habitats.”

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Photo Credit: Goeco

Phillips, T. (2021, September 25). Komodo dragon faces extinction. Mail & Guardian. Retrieved September 27, 2021, from 


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