Moroccan Archaeologists Discover Bone Tools

The North African country of Morocco is the home of a significant number of archaeological findings, according to Africa News. 150,000-year-old marine snail shells and a 1.3 million-year-old Stone Age hand-axe are just a few items to name. And recently, archaeologists have discovered clothes-making tools made from bones that date back 120,000 years.

More than 60 clothes-making tools were discovered in Contrebandiers (Smugglers) Cave, less than 20 kilometers from Rabat, Morocco.

Moroccan archaeologist Abdeljalil El Hajraoui stated the following:

“It’s a major discovery because while older bone tools have been found elsewhere, it’s the first time we have identified bone tools (this old) that were used to make clothing.”

The archaeological team advised that the tools were intentionally shaped for leather and fur working. This discovery could also help answer questions on the origins of modern human behavior.

A researcher at the National Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, El Hajraoui, stated the following:

“Sewing is a behaviour that has lasted since prehistory.”

“Tools like those discovered in the cave were used for 30,000 years, which proves the emergence of collective memory.”

Living spaces dug into the cave, as well as perforated seashells, were also discovered by the team. And given the specialization of the bone tool material, earlier examples are likely to be found.

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Photo Credit: Daily Sabah

Oldest bone tools for clothesmaking found in Morocco. Africa News. (2021, September 24). Retrieved September 25, 2021, from 


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