Snake Breeding on the Rise in Burundi

To combat economic discrepancies that stem from the coronavirus pandemic, a new business is emerging in the East African country of Burundi—snake breeding.

Many Burundians view snakes as a demonic symbol, with only the boldest men daring to attack them. However, breeding has become a viable source of income for those practicing this profession.

Deo Nzigiyimana, who owns about thirty snakes, advised that the snakes are naturally harmless and only attack when threatened.

“A snake can only bite someone if it is provoked or if it is stepped on. Here at home, people don’t know its importance. They compare it to demons and kill them.”

The snakes are kept in cages and tamed so that they get used to humans being present.

Snake breeding has become very profitable, with breeders earning up to 600 euros. And many are encouraging youth in Burundi to venture into the business.

Nzigiyimana continued with the following:

“We make bags and belts. When we collect the snakes from the forest, we put each one in its cage, we take care of their cleanliness. In Europe, a snake can cost 60 euros. If you have 100 heads, it’s a business.”

“I am testifying because I have already seen the fruits of this breeding. I am pleading with the youths to start this business.”

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Photo Credit: Embora Pets

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  1. Cathleen Phillips says:

    I would not be interested in that business! I am afraid of any snake!

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