Kenyan Inventors Create Bio-Robotic Prosthetic Arm

Prosthetic limbs are very common for those who, unfortunately, have lost parts of their body. But what isn’t so common are bio-robotic parts that are controlled by the recipient. That is until recently.

David Gathu and Moses Kinyua, two Kenyan inventors, have created the world’s first bio-robotic prosthetic arm that’s operated by brain signals.

According to Rovess, the recipient will strap the arm on and wear the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) headset. The BCI headset will allow direct communication from the brain to the arm, converting brain signals into an electronic current. This current will then be pushed to the robotic arm’s circuit, giving it mobility.

Gathu and Kinyua, both college dropouts due to financial hardships, created this bio-robotic arm to help those with disabilities. And with millions of Kenyans living with physical impairments, this life-changing invention will surely be a game-changer.

The prosthetic arm is made from raw and recyclable materials, which may affect mass production, according to Kinyua.

“At the moment, we use raw materials from other discarded appliances because we do not have neither the place nor the resources to obtain the necessary materials to mass-produce.”

Lack of funds also affects production. So, hopefully, the leadership in Kenya will get behind the work of these two gentlemen.

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Photo Credit: Rovess

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