The Silent City

Greetings Everyone,

I came across a post-apocalyptic web series entitled The Silent City, and I wanted to share my thoughts. Before we get started, check out the following trailer.

Directed by Rubidium Wu, The Silent City stars Eric Stafford and Kettie Jean.

Years after an unexplained event destroys the planet, the remaining survivors must fight and scavenge for their lives. Wandering the tattered ruins of New York City, a loner known as Nameless (Stafford) continues to search for reasons to keep going. His days are suddenly interrupted after encountering a hostile stranger and rescuing a beautiful woman, Otsu (Jean). Joining forces, Nameless and Otsu embark on the continued journey for survival, but not before encountering more dangers.

Writer/director David Mamet advised that a good story onscreen is told through the juxtaposition of the cuts and that filmmakers should always strive to make a silent movie, regardless of dialogue. Those points ran through my head as I watched this series. Almost all of the storytelling, from start to finish, was told through the cinematography. Which was very well done; unique yet properly paced.

According to Wu’s Kickstarter campaign, The Silent City was shot in abandoned spaces throughout New York City, which provided an organic and eclectic feel to the series. The stoic personality of Nameless and the optimistic nature of Otsu gave the characters range even with very little dialogue. And the 4-6 minute episodes only keep the viewer craving for more.

My only gripe with this series is that it’s not a feature film because it should be.

Grade of A

Until Next Time…


Photo Credit: YouTube

Rubidium. (2014, March 1). The Silent City. Kickstarter. 


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