10-Year-Old Saves 5-Year-Old’s Life!

A positive new story will make any day a better day. And when it involves children, that amplifies it to another level.

10-year-old Rickie August Jr. has been rewarded for his heroism after saving a 5-year-old girl in Harris County (Houston), TX. According to Click 2 Houston, the rescue took place at the swimming pool at Rickie’s apartment complex, where he noticed a little girl, Egypt, at the bottom of the pool. She wasn’t moving and seemed lifeless, so Rickie, also known as “Junior,” swam down to the bottom and brought her up to the surface.

He gives the following recount of the incident.

“When I saw her not moving at all, I knew there was something wrong.”

“I knew that she was not just trying to float, so I just had to go down there and get her.”

“I had just picked her up–put her over my shoulder and brought her to the stairs.”

Once Junior brought her out of the pool, the others around her were able to give her CPR until the Cypress Creek EMS arrived.

Vivien Miller, a clinical supervisor with Cypress Creek EMS, advised the following:

“It was vital to her survivability. The fact that she is alive today is because of Junior’s efforts beforehand.”

“When we arrived, she didn’t have to have compressions anymore because she had a pulse and she was breathing and she had vomited prior to arrival, which was the effect of getting all that water out of her system.”

Junior’s family celebrated his heroic act with a surprise party, where he got to meet Egypt and her family. He stated that he was happy to help and that he wants to continue to be a leader.

“I like to be a leader for other kids because I think it’s important for other people to learn from what we do.”

This right here, folks, is what it’s all about. I’m very confident that Rickie August Jr. is on his way to becoming a strong figure for his community.

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Photo Credit: KHOU

Video Source: Click 2 Houston

Smith, T. (2021, June 30). 10-year-old hailed a hero after saving 5-year-old girl who was seen ‘lifeless’ at the bottom of pool. Click 2 Houston. https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2021/07/01/10-year-old-hailed-a-hero-after-saving-5-year-old-girl-who-was-seen-lifeless-at-the-bottom-of-pool/. 


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