Train Crash in Egypt Leaves 32 Dead

A train crash in southern Egypt has left 165 people injured and 32 dead, according to AP News.

The event took place on Friday, March 26, 2021. Apparently, someone activated the emergency brakes on the passenger train, which caused one of the trains to stop and the other to crash from behind. This impact caused two cars to derail and flip on their side.

Officials advised that the passenger train was headed to the Mediterranean port of Alexandria, north of Cairo, when it crashed.

The government is set to pay $6,400 in compensation to each family that lost a loved one, and those who were injured will receive between $1,280 and $2,560.

President Abdel-Fattah-el-Sisi has stated on his Twitter account that those responsible for this crash will receive severe punishment.

“Anyone who caused this painful accident through negligence or corruption, or anything similar, must receive a deterrent punishment without exception or delay.”

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Photo Credit: CGTN Africa

Elhennawy, N., & Wagdy, M. (2021, March 26). Trains crash in southern Egypt, killing at least 32. Retrieved March 29, 2021, from

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