Husband Disarms Gunman During Business Meeting

It’s Monday morning, and what better way is there to kick off the week than with manhood.

A story, by way of ABC 15 Arizona, advised that father and husband Solomon Odubhao had to lunge and stop a pistol from being pulled on him and his wife, Brittney Myers, during a business meeting. The incident took place at Chef’s Shared Kitchen in Mesa, Arizona, where Tom Toot, the life partner of the owner, was having an exit interview with Odubhao and Myers. The couple owns a food truck called WhachaCookin, and they were being forced from the kitchen after being given a 30-day notice. The conversation between the three became heated, and that’s when things went left.

Myers and Odubhao gave the following recount of the incident:

“He told us we were contaminating their whole kitchen.” — Brittney

“I was like, cool I’m not going to tolerate no disrespect towards me or my wife.” — Solomon

“Then he just reached for his gun. I immediately braced myself like, ‘Oh my God we are going to get shot.'” — Brittney

“I went with my instincts.” — Solomon

Solomon Odubhao jumped on Toot and grabbed his gun before it could be removed. He held down the gunman for roughly 11 minutes while his wife Myers contacted the police. Toot was charged with aggravated assault and is no longer allowed on the property.

Today is going to be a good day. Salute to Solomon Odubhao, and the best of wishes to his family!

Until Next Time…


Photo Credit: Atlanta Black Star

Crenshaw, Z. (2021, March 05). Father disarms man after gun is pulled during meeting. Retrieved March 15, 2021, from


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