Going Home |GH| Ghana, Part 2

In a previous post, I highlighted Going Home |GH| Ghana, an amazing documentary showcasing the life of local Ghanaians in Africa. Well, documentarian Tahir Asadullah Lee is back with Part 2, and it’s just as impactful.

Produced by Virtuous Lion Productions, Going Home |GH| Ghana, Part 2 follows Lee and nurse/volunteers Jordan Miller, Chanelle, and Chris as they promote health & wellness and education in the West African villages of Akwidda and Mankessim. Two local Ghanaians with whom Lee and Miller have built a familial bond, Wisdom Adjei and Deleva Billz, also make appearances in the film. Their ultimate objective is to help bridge the gap between the African diaspora and highlight Ghana’s beauty.

I enjoyed this film just as much as the first one. The cinematography alone kept my attention, but the mission and work of the volunteers inspired me and will definitely inspire other African diasporans.

For more information on Virtuous Lions Productions, check out their official website. You can also stay connected with Brother Lee and all of the great work he’s doing on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Feel free to comment below if you’d like to discuss the film.

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Photo Credit: YouTube


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