The U.S. Returns Thousands of Egyptian Artifacts

Africa’s fight to retrieve her stolen artifacts has been non-stop for centuries. But, today, some progress is being made.

According to Africa News, Egypt has retrieved roughly 5,000 ancient items from the United States. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities confirmed that after years of negotiations, the Museum of the Bible in Washington returned a large sum of Egyptian items to Cairo.

Official Chaabane Abdeljawad advised that the items mainly consisted of manuscripts, funeral masks, coffin parts, and the heads of stone statues. They will be placed in the Coptic Museum in Cairo for the time being.

This was some great news to jumpstart my weekend. I’ll keep you all updated with any new findings.

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Photo Credit: CTV News

Egypt retrieves 5,000 artefacts from US. (2021, January 28). Retrieved January 30, 2021, from


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