France and China’s Homo Robocopus

In a previous post, I highlighted the 2045 Initiative, which is a project aimed at transferring human consciousness into artificial brains (robots). Well, France and China have taken notes and are applying this concept to soldiers.

The following information comes from Strange Sounds.

France and China are developing augmented, Terminator-like soldiers that will be bred to kill. Dubbed Homo Robocopus, these super soldiers will have altered DNA to give them enhanced speed, strength, and robotics as well as physical, cognitive, perceptive, and psychological capabilities. They will be built with brain chips, bionic eyes, super hearing, health implants, enhanced limbs, exoskeleton legs, synthetic blood, and pain immunity.

The visiting professor in war studies at Kings College London (KCL), Michael Clarke, advised the following:

We’ve reached the point now where we could potentially manipulate people’s DNA to breed into them extra strength, endurance and other things just as we do with animals. Just as we’ve done with standard cattle to give them more back, we can do that now very precisely with humans.

What they’re all thinking about is what might come up in 30 years’ time, given another 10 years development and experimentation. The Chinese in 30 years’ time might have a cohort of people who are 20 years old who’ve got particular characteristics they might have tried to breed into them by manipulating DNA.

With DNA manipulation, these soldiers would be immune to disease or feelings, and they will be able to fight nonstop.

A report from the International Society for Military Ethics in Europe stated the following:

Enhanced soldiers would be reduced to bionic men, who run fast, do not need sleep, eat and drink very little, and can fight all the time. A new species is born: Homo robocopus.

Sci-Fi thrillers have been showcasing this for years, but reading about it coming to fruition is a little surreal.

To check out the full article, click here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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Photo Credit: New York Post


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