Poverty On The Rise for Ghanian Cocoa Farmers?

In a previous post, I highlighted Ghana and Ivory Coast’s success as the world’s top two cocoa growers. Well, an update, by way of Africa News, may change that narrative, especially for its farmers.

Ghanian cocoa farmers are becoming discouraged with their crops, advising that they are low on returns and struggling to break free of poverty. Not only is farming cocoa labor-intensive, but the prices for chemicals needed to maintain the farms have been increasing in recent years.

Farmer Bensil Aryetey states the following:

“Cocoa’s future is very poor. It’s very poor. It’s very poor. We don’t like it. We want the government to just increase everything for us because we spend time, our energy mostly on the side of cocoa business, but after all we get nothing.”

Millions of farmers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast live in poverty, and inflation isn’t helping.

To check out the full article, click here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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Photo Credit: Financial Times


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