Meet Caleb Anderson

I’m a firm believer that scholastics needs to be promoted to Black male youth more than athletics and entertainment. And there’s a story about a young genius that may motivate my community to do just that.

The following information comes from CBS News.

12-year-old Caleb Anderson is currently studying aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech University. He took classes for aerospace engineering at Chattahoochee Technical College in Marietta, GA. But his parents wanted to find a university fit for a tween genius, that’s when GA Tech recruited him.

The chair of Georgia Tech’s School of Aerospace Engineering, Professor Mark Costello, advised the following:

“He’s a perfect candidate to come into our program and be very successful.”

“I would expect that he would be admitted, for sure.”

I wish Caleb and his family much success.

To check out the full article, click here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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Photo Credit: The Birmingham Times


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  1. Sending positive vibes to another “Caleb” Thanks for promoting good news!

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    1. Yessir. We need more young ones like this.


  2. Theodore Robbins says:

    I can attest to the success of Black Males achieving that engineering degree pays off, my 1st cousin is union president of the eastern region of NASA.

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