Book Review

Greetings Folks,

I just finished The Maze Runner 5 book series, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

She nodded, her expression showing how hard it was to say what came next. “You’re all immune, and you’re the oldest and strongest of those not in the maze. We’re dealing with people who are very sick and weak—more important, though, is that most of them are asleep, which is why we have to act right now. These backpacks have syringes filled with a solution that’s been prepared for this task—all it takes is a quick plunge into their necks and the job is done. You should be able to do it with no problems.”

Waking up without any memories, surrounded by strangers, in the middle of a courtyard would strike fear and panic in most of us. Now add in an ever-changing maze to the equation that no one has made it through alive. This is Thomas’s new reality.

2014’s The Maze Runner was a blockbuster hit that I randomly got hooked on. After watching the remaining trilogy, I discovered James Dashner’s book series, and this took my fandom through the roof. Page-turner is an understatement.

Dashner has a writing style that’s very smooth, to-the-point, and unpretentious. So within the first few chapters, I was already sold. His story beats are paced in a way that keeps your attention, and it’s to the point where putting the book down becomes a critical thinking exercise.

All of the memorable characters from the films, including new ones, have interesting arcs that keep the plot going. Even throughout different time periods, they’re connected in a way that makes the conclusion in book 5 that much more fulfilling. And, yes, there are secrets revealed from certain characters that were not in the films.

If you’re looking for an exciting series to get behind, I’d definitely recommend The Maze Runner.

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