The Importance of the Black Male Vote

One thing I’ve noticed this election season, by way of media coverage, online and in-person debates, and the numbers, is that the Democratic Party’s stranglehold on Black America is breaking. While most Black Americans over the age of 40 still have blind loyalty to the Party and its candidates, less than 47% of Black voters under the age of 30 are in support of Presidential nominee Joe Biden. Only 47% believe that the Democratic Party is welcoming to Black America, only 43% trust the Democratic Party in Congress, and 31% claim that they won’t vote at all. The group that the Democrats are fighting to get the support of the most are Black men.

The Washington Post advised that both the Republican and Democratic Party are courting for votes from Black men. A Pew Research Center Study found that Black men are 77% less likely than Black women (87%) to identify as Democrat, and President Donald Trump’s approval rating is 8 points higher among Black men than Black women.

Los Angeles Civil Rights Lawyer Leo Terrell stated that the Democratic Party has given into leftist policies and abandoned their “equality-for-all-roots.” He continued with the following:

“Joe Biden made the assumption that if you’re Black you have to vote Democrat. I find that insulting to every African American because we don’t vote as one group.”

President Trump’s allegations of racism, however, could help the Democrats win the Black male voting block. The co-founder of the Collective PAC, Quentin James, argued the following:

“Police officers shoot us in the back, knee us, and kill our wives and girlfriends. I am concerned if he is reelected it will unleash an avalanche of white supremacists in our communities.”

When it comes to the Democratic Party’s most loyal demographic, Black women hold that spot, which isn’t a surprise when one factor in the Party’s support for reproductive rights, minority inclusion, and government aid. Black male voters, who played a crucial part in Barack Obama’s Black turnout in 2008 and 2012, have traditionally voted Democrat as well. But Joe Biden’s endorsement of the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act and 1994 Crime Bill decimated Black communities by sending thousands of Black men to jail. That’s something we’ve never forgotten, and many Black men are suffering today because of it.

Between the two candidates, President Donald Trump has garnered more support from Black men because of Biden’s criminal justice record. According to The Muskegon Tribune, there is a pocket of Black voters, particularly men, who are not so sensitive and culturally insecure that they look for anything said by the President to interpret as racist. His policies that helped Black America—low unemployment, criminal justice reform, and 10-year funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)—can’t be argued against. Trump’s Platinum Plan has appealed to many Black voters as well.

The fact that more Black Americans are rejecting the Democratic Party, having public and private discourses about this year’s election, and becoming swing/third-party voters proves that my community has become more sophisticated with our politics. Barack Obama and his administration might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. The loyalty we’ve given the Democratic Party has never come with anything tangible, and many of us (dare I say most) can’t explain why we still support them. Us using discernment, instead of emotions, and organizing like those within the ADOS and FBA movements will lead to respect.

And my community wants to be respected, especially Black men.

Until Next Time…


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