Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

“I always thought there was a Batman story that hadn’t been told on film.”

– Christopher Nolan

If you’ve been following this blog, or if you’ve met me in person, then you know that Batman is my favorite superhero. The nuance between Bruce Wayne and Batman, the gadgets, transportation, villains, and Gotham city itself, set Batman apart from other comic book turned movie franchises. Christopher Nolan’s depiction of the caped crusader brought an authenticity to the character that hadn’t been seen on film, and I was lucky to come across a documentary unpacking his trilogy.

Christopher Nolan was an independent filmmaker who had only made three feature films before taking on Batman. One of his goals was to modernize the character and connect the story to today’s reality as much as possible, which is evident in the political messages used in The Dark Knight Rises. Members of his production crew advised that the viewing audience had become too sophisticated, and taking on this franchise wouldn’t be about merchandising. It would be about highlighting beloved characters and storytelling.

The following Warner Bros. documentary showcases never-before-seen-footage, interviews, and moments behind Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. If you’d like to discuss any of its content, feel free to comment below.

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