Chinese Factory in Ghana Gets Locked Up

Foolishness from Chinese nationals on the continent is starting to become second nature, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The following information comes from Africa Global Radio.

Everyday Manufacturing Ltd., an unlicensed Chinese factory in Ghana, has been locked up for illegally recycling cartons of government textbooks into toilet paper. The manager, salesman, and Ghanaian interpreter were picked up by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service. Henry Bradford Sam, Head of the task force, advised the following:

“We are going to estimate cost of the exercise books and other raw materials used for producing the toilet-roll. Based on the estimate, the Commissioner-General will be in the best position to issue the tax due after deducting from what the company has paid already. We are also going to impose not less than 75 percent of taxes assessed as penalty: that is for Tax Evasion.

We are also looking at failure to issue the Commissioner-General’s Invoice; we also saw that they were not keeping and maintaining records, and that also constitutes an offence. So, we are looking at these offences which amount to impeding tax administration and evading payment of lawful taxes. The police will also look at other criminal offences and associated government property that has been destroyed due to their actions, and deal with them accordingly. We are working hand in hand to ensure that we get to the bottom of these serious offences.”

I’m going to keep reiterating that multiculturalism isn’t beneficial for African people until collective changes are made.

To check out the full article, click here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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