5-Year-Old Passes Away from COVID-19

There’s been a lot of heavy news recently, and I came across another story that put me in a somber mood. The following information is from The Detroit News.

5-year-old Skylar Herbert has become the youngest person on record to pass away from COVID-19 in the state of Michigan. After being admitted to the hospital on March 29th, she developed a rare complication to the coronavirus called meningoencephalitis, which caused the swelling of brain tissue and a lesion on her frontal lobe. Her initial symptoms, however, weren’t for the virus.

Skylar’s parents, Ebbie and LaVondria Herbert, took her to a pediatrician on March 23rd for severe headaches and later found out that she had strep throat. Mrs. Herbert advised the following:

“She had been crying all night and saying the headache would not go away.

“We called the doctor back, and they told us that it takes the medication 48 hours to kick in and to give it some time, but because she was crying so bad, I told my husband we needed to take her to emergency because I just didn’t know.”

After taking Skylar to Beaumont Royal Oak hospital, she tested positive for COVID-19; the headaches and mild fever were stated to be side effects of the virus. She was released after 24 hours but readmitted when her temperature rose to 100 degrees and she developed a seizure. That’s when the family learned of the meningitis.

Mrs. Herbert stated the following:

“We decided to take her off the ventilator today because her improvement had stopped, the doctors told us that it was possible she was brain dead, and we basically just knew she wasn’t coming back to us.”

The coronavirus has hit African American communities hard throughout the country. I encourage everyone to take the proper precautions necessary to stay safe.

To check out the full article, click here. If you have any additional information, please comment below.

Rest In Peace, Skylar.

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  1. Cathleen Phillips says:

    Such a tragic story. My heart and prayers goes out to the parents!

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  2. CalebRaves says:


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  3. dpranita583 says:

    Very Sad , om shanti !

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