Black Star Repatriation & Pan-African Community

There have been open discussions within my community about reconnecting with our ancestry. And I came across a project/movement that is making this a reality.

Black Star Repatriation & Pan-African Community


Founded by Bomani Tyehimba, The Black Star Repatriation & Pan-African Community is a building project located in Gyaahadze, Ghana. This community will serve as a place where Africans throughout the Diaspora can live in an African-centered environment and build amongst the land of our ancestors. The investment includes full rites of passage for those who want to integrate into Ghanaian society; this includes languages, culture, and customs workshops. And they hope to connect the skills and resources of Africans in the Diaspora with projects, investment opportunities, and like-minded Africans on the continent.

Here’s an overview of the project layout:



The property is 15 acres and has a total of 60 plots. 1 to 50 are 80×100 plots to build residential homes, and 10 plots in the front are for the security post, business account, community center, and park.

For more information, check out their official website as well as GoFundMe. You can also stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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