Hero Saves Elderly Woman in Burning Building

“You don’t think about scaredness when you, when you realize that it’s somebody, but then I don’t even know her. You know, but I know this is somebody’s family. You don’t think about being scared or anything when it’s, when you know you can do something about it.”


That quote was from Quinn Parrish who’s been labeled a hero for rescuing an elderly woman trapped in a burning apartment complex. The following story comes from NBC 15 and WKRG News.

The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department in Mobile, Alabama, was called to Serenity Apartments over a fire that took place Wednesday, May 20th. Flames had extended into 8 apartment units, engulfing one-third of the structure, with heavy, black smoke being visible from Azalea Road. Neighbors and witnesses reported that three residents were possibly trapped in a unit of the 2-story building. But one of the residents, an elderly woman, was rescued through a 1st-floor window with the help of a brave civilian. Quinn Parrish.

Parrish, who lives in a neighboring complex, was walking to the store when he saw the smoke. After running over to see what happened, he heard a woman screaming, “Help.” He advised the following:

“One of the residents had said that somebody’s still inside the apartment saying help.”

“When I went to the other side, I seen the daughter come out, and the granddaughter come out, and I seen the grandmother still inside. All that smoke, all that fire and stuff, I just, I ran over there and yanked her out the window.”

Video footage shows a firefighter by the window putting on his oxygen mask, preparing to go after the woman. But since time was of the essence, Parrish took matters into his own hands and grabbed her himself.

The Mobile-Fire Rescue Department has announced that Quinn Parrish, along with two other civilians, will be recognized for their heroism. More than 20 people, including small children, safely escaped the fire that day.

Salute to Quinn Parrish for his act of bravery. To check out the full story, click here and here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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