“Blacks For Trump”

With the 2020 election coming up, discussions on a continuing Trump presidency have gotten heated. I came across a very interesting (but not surprising) article this morning and had to share its content. The following comes out of The Epoch Times.

Recent national polls advised that 34.5% of Blacks support President Donald Trump. Only 8% of Black voters supported Trump in the 2016 election and since that has drastically shifted, it’s sparked gleeful conversations amongst conservative commentators. Hoover Institution professor Victor Davis Hanson advised the following:

“Even 20 percent African American support for Trump would all but dismantle Democratic Party presidential hopes for 2020. … A small drop in African American turnout or anything less than the usual 85 percent to 90 percent supermajority for a Democratic presidential candidate on Election Day can prove fatal.”

Jennilee Brown, vice president for operations at California-based Thomas Partners Strategies, stated the following:

“I don’t anticipate Trump will win the majority of African American and minority support, but even small gains spell trouble for the fractured Democrat field that’s moving further to the left. African American voters are no longer the furthest left among Democrats, which could be why the 2020 candidates’ economic message is overreaching with this group.”

I’m not surprised by the poll outcome because my community has gotten tired of being treated like children with disabilities when it comes to politics. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are liars and have always been, the fact that we’re still having conversations about reparations proves it. But President Donald Trump’s political incorrectness resonates with many throughout the country, which is refreshing after 8 years of Barack Obama’s Cliff Huxtable act.

If you’d like to read the full article, click here. Feel free to comment below if you have any additional information.

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  1. Theodore Robbins says:

    Finally a view that I am personally familiar’ with, being that I did vote for the present president in 2016. I am glad to be thought of as one who is not a group-thinker. As the words of John Lennon resonates from years past “I’m not the only one and I hope one day you will join us and the world can live as one”.

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