Words From The Wise: Dr. Phil Valentine

“All of Genesis decapsulized is nothing more than the story of how a sun—the sun that we know as the sun that gives us our light, that helps us to keep and maintain our melanated consciousness—the creation of the sun is all that the bible is talking about and its sojourn through the universe.”

– Dr. Phil Valentine


There’s a bit of an overlap when it comes to understanding spirituality and the creation of life. Most within my circle stray away from the topic due to their belief systems. But I have too many questions to do that, and suppressing my curiosity is not an option. That’s why I’m glad I discovered Dr. Phil Valentine, a scholar who’s well-versed in this topic.

Dr. Phil Valentine is a Doctor of Classical Naturopathy – Hygienic Science and Grand Master of the KeMataphysical Sciences. He received his doctorate in Hygienic Health Science and Classical Naturopathy from The Life Science Institute of Texas; it’s now merged to the Fit for Life Sciences Institute – College of Natural Health in Canada. Dr. Valentine is a Hygienic Science and Metaphysical Health Consultant to doctors and lay practitioners as far as Azania, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Trinidad, Jamaica, Great Britain, Ghana, Japan, and the Philippines. He’s best known for his ability to teach the subtlest principles of metaphysics and its application to health, healing, and everyday life.

I want to share a lecture from Dr. Valentine, where he discusses the metaphysics of the bible. If you’d like to do some further research, please check out his official website. You can also stay connected with him by following his Facebook and Twitter pages.

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