Tosheka Products Presents…Rolling Springs!

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Taking viral trips around the globe is a humbling experience, especially seeing how people live. Many of us Westerners take advantage of the resources we have at our fingertips, and it’s to the point where most of our complaints deserve to fall on deaf ears. Basic necessities like having access to water is a struggle for millions of people, and a lot of them are forced to walk miles just to carry 47 lb. – 21 kg of water containers to their families. But I came across an amazing company, Tosheka Products, that has a solution.

Rolling Springs


Tosheka Products, a division of Tosheka Textiles LLC., is a USA/Kenya based social enterprise. It was established by Kenyan textile designer and businesswoman Lucy Lau Bigham and her business partner/husband Herman Bigham. They’ve created Rolling Springs, which is a patented unit that makes it easy for anyone to transport 63 kg or 141 lbs. of water over long distances. It’s made from local materials and recycled tires, and it has several design advantages that reduce cost, maintenance, increase efficiency, durability, and has a lifespan of 15 years.

With the cost of water delivery often being three times the cost of water, Rolling Springs eases the transport of water over any terrain. For additional information, check out their official website. If you’d like to become a sponsor for a family in need of the Rolling Springs product, you can donate through their PayPal account:, GoFundMe, or by clicking here.

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