The Racial Wealth Gap in America

I’ve been listening to a few conversations on wealth inequality here in America and decided to do some further research. Professor William Darity Jr. has been my go-to scholar on the subject, and I recently came across his break down from the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity. It’s been advised that although Blacks constitute just under 13% of the Nation’s population, we collectively own less than 3% of the Nation’s total wealth. Professor Darity, as well as other academics, stated that income is earned in the labor market, but wealth is built primarily by the transfer of resources across generations.

If you’ve been following this blog or are relatively aware of Black American History, then you know that African Americans have not been granted an equal opportunity to acquire wealth. So I want to share this informative breakdown to help debunk any myths about my community’s current and historic economic setback. Please click here to read. And if you’d like to discuss, feel free to comment below.

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