AirPods May Cause Cancer?

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I came across some disturbing information that I had to share on this blog. The following comes out of

According to a United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO) petition, Apple’s wireless AirPods may cause cancer. 250 scientists have signed a petition warning against devices that emit radiofrequency radiation used in WiFi, cellular data, and Bluetooth. Many are concerned with AirPods because they sit deep within the ear canal, exposing fragile parts of the ear to radiation. And since the Bluetooth operates on low-power radio waves, at high levels, they can generate heat and cause burns.

Further research has also revealed that cell phone radiation may cause non-cancerous tumors to form along the nerve that connects the brain and the ear. For more information, click here. Please feel free to comment below if you’d like to discuss.

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  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Thank you for this important information! -Rebecca

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