Rescue Tow Truck

Are you located in the Carolinas and experiencing car trouble? Do you need a tow? Well, I’d recommend contacting Rescue Tow Truck.


Rescue Tow Truck is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week towing service that’s based in Charlotte, NC. Servicing both North and South Carolina, this towing company has advised that they will come to your rescue within 20 minutes of calling. They offer Accident Recovery and Clean-up, Roadside Service, Emergency Lock-Out Service, Tire Change/On-Site Repair, Battery Jump/Boost, Car-Truck Towing, and Flatbed and Wheel-Lift Service. Their team of professionals guarantees that all clients will receive excellent customer service as well.

For additional information, please check out their official website. You can also stay connected with them on Facebook.

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