Thousands of Nigerian Refugees Flee to Cameroon

Greetings Everyone,

I came across some news that’s currently happening in Cameroon and had to share it with you all. The following information comes out of AfricaNews and The Guardian.

Nearly 30,000 Nigerians have crossed the El-Beid River, from Nigeria to Cameroon, to escape from Boko Haram Islamists terrorists. The civilians are coming from Rann in northeastern Nigeria, a city which is now controlled by jihadists. 9,000 refugees have already proceeded them the week before, with nearly 100,000 people fleeing since November 2018. The UN has launched an appeal for $848 million for humanitarian projects, with an additional $135 million being needed to help the country’s 228,500 citizens, refugees in Cameroon, Chad, and Niger.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, advised that he is “appealing to Cameroon to continue its open door and hospitable policy.” You can check out the full articles by clicking here and here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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