New Era Detroit

Greetings Everyone,

When it comes to community outreach, I’ve noticed that the most effective programs are the ones anchored from those same communities. Those sponsored and funded by elite corporations who just want to make money tend to get the most recognition, but they very seldom make a lasting impact. Which isn’t surprising, considering the fact that the social ills of others have always been profitable. However, I want to continue to shine a light on those groups who are genuine about fixing the problems that many of us, unfortunately, have no desire to fix.

New Era Detroit


Based in Detroit, MI, New Era Detroit (NED) is an organization whose aim is to take back the Black community with the purpose of creating Black-owned and operated schools, banks, grocery stores, hospitals, offices, and more. They are dedicated to eliminating the separation between the Black older and younger generations, businesses and consumers, and Blacks of different religious groups. They have fundraisers, black cleanups, block parties, and other community awareness events. And they currently have four chapters outside of Michigan with more to come: Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, and Birmingham.

For additional information on this amazing organization, check out their official website. You can also stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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