What Happened to Blaqspot?

Have you heard of Blaqspot.com? It’s a black-owned social media website, and it’s currently down.

Why is this important? Why should you care? I’ll explain why.

For eons (well, since the inception of social media), I’ve heard my community complain about censorship, silencing, and blocking on everyone’s favorite social media outlets. We’ll express our thoughts one day, just like everyone else, but will be punished if those thoughts aren’t in line with the politically correct narrative of the moment. Well, Blaqspot.com was created to counter that issue; particularly for those melanated radicals who can’t control those trigger fingers.

Blaqspot is an interactive social media platform that was built to connect, unify, and empower African people from around the globe. The website was created with an Afrocentric vibe so that my community could have their own space to be unapologetically Black. All of our issues, from social to economic to political, can be discussed amongst like-minded individuals. And the site’s Code of Conduct, which is to be respectful or get deleted, makes this site a breath of fresh air compared to the others.

The site is currently experiencing some server issues and needs our help. If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, check out their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages. And if you’d like to support and expedite their return, click here to donate.

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  1. Dorothy TAYLOR says:

    How or can we buy shsres?


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