BPM: Building Power Minds

Greetings Folks,

I’ve been hearing a lot of leftists conversations about masculinity as well as the supposed negative effects that it has on society. Apparently, when men subscribe to a traditional code of conduct—being a protector, provider, and leader for their families—we’re no longer revered for demonstrating manhood but demonized for being archaic and “toxic.” Which I found to be hilarious because the imbalance here in the West, particularly in my community regarding men and women, is proof that traditional is needed. So I wanted to spotlight an organization that is unapologetic about manhood and family training for Black boys.

BPM: Building Powerful Minds


Founded by Attorney Vernon Jackson, BPM is an organization aimed at rebuilding the Black family and community by molding and inspiring Black youth. With the intention to instill the correct mindset in each youth that will drive them to succeed as individuals and maintain a commitment to their communities, BPM offers a “from all angles” approach to empowerment. They include Individualized Tutoring, Mentoring, Academic Incentives, Reverse Peer Pressure, Physical Tests and Training, and Intense Black History Education. Their group sessions take place every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, training Black male youth from the ages of 5-16.

I’ve stated before (and I’ll continue to state) that Black youth are our Rolodex. Teaching them their history, their value, and their role in our communities is essential to our progression as a group. For more information about this organization and on how you can support, check out their official website. You can also stay connected through Facebook and Instagram.

The future looks bright for these young soldiers.

Until Next Time…

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