Dream Fury Comics

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Ever since I saw Frank Miller’s Sin City, my interest in comic books has been somewhat of a roller coaster. I’ll start one but then stop, and I won’t pick it back up again until months later. Well, divine intervention recently led me to a webcomic that has me borderline obsessed. The series, entitled Crescent City Monsters, is published by Dream Fury Comics.

Dream Fury

The story takes place in 1963 in New Orleans, LA. Jonas, the main character, seems like a normal young man who’s just working to find his way; he stays with his family, has a nice girlfriend, plays in a band, and has magical powers. See…normal. However, he’s not supposed to use his powers due to the amount of trouble that he can cause. But that trouble, by way of sorcerers, demons, and monsters, end up finding him and eventually leaves him with no choice.

The writer and Chief Director of Dream Fury Comics, Newton Lilavois, did a phenomenal job with this story. From the first few pages, the tone, culture, and Deep South flavor grabbed my attention and kept it until the end. The visuals, by way of artist Gian Carlo Bernal, also had me hooked because the detailed, black & white images blended well with the mood and messages in the comic. The only problem I had was with the “To Be Continued” on the last page.

You can check out this webcomic on the Dream Fury website, and stay up-to-date with all of their current and future projects by connecting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let’s be sure to support our independent creators.

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