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Greetings Good People,

I try to stay abreast with current events happening throughout the country as well as the world. Although the majority of the content is depressing, there’s always a few intermittent stories that brighten up my day. So I’m going to start spotlighting those that do.

The following story comes out of my hometown, Charlotte, NC, by way of WBTV News. Meet Koby, Kayla, and Keyshawn Brown.


These triplets, age 17, will be receiving their college degrees from Central Piedmont Community College as well as their high school diplomas. And what I found interesting and heartfelt about their story was the fact that they were premature babies who were told by doctors that they might grow up with mental and physical disabilities. Those physicians will have to wipe the egg off of their faces because all three are graduating at the top of their class.

According to their mother, Keenya Brown, “Koby and Keyshawn both have a college GPA of 3.932 and will receive two Associates (Arts and Science) and Kayla has a GPA of 3.863 and will be receiving an Associates in Arts.” Koby and Keyshawn’s high school GPA is 5.03 (weighted) and 3.9 (unweighted), and Kayla’s is 4.74 (weighted) and 3.63 (unweighted). Kayla will be attending Winthrop University on a full basketball scholarship, majoring in Accounting. And Koby and Keyshawn will be attending NC State University, both plan on studying Nuclear Engineering.

You can check out the full article, by Kristen Hampton, here.

Congratulations to these three!

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