Words From The Wise: Dr. Claud Anderson

“Unfortunately, that’s what black folk have been fed for 150 years is symbolic achievements, symbolic success; ‘well, you got a Black President, you got Martin Luther King Blvd, you got Rosa Parks Blvd.’ But you didn’t touch the structural issue. You did not go back and redistribute some of the resources back into the hands of black folks so that they can be a competitive group and a self-sufficient, independent group in America.” 

Dr. Claud Anderson


Greetings Everyone,

I wanted to share with you all a message from one of my favorite scholars, Dr. Claud Anderson. I’ve been studying his work regarding economic progression in the Black community for a few years now, and the focus that he puts on systemic changes versus symbolic ones is admirable and heavily respected. After reading his book, PowernomicsI started to see some of the structural issues that have plagued my community since slavery as well as some of the lies told to smoke screen the real problem: lack of money and resources.

The following interview took place on The Rock Newman Show. Here, Dr. Anderson addresses a variety of topics including the redistribution of wealth and the practice of group economics that would give the Black community some much-needed leverage to compete.

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  1. That was a great interview.

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