African DNA Could Fight Diseases?

For years, I’ve heard the narrative about the human race beginning in Africa and that African genetics are unique. Well, given the pandemic happening across the globe, I started questioning the validity in those assessments; not just for an ego boost but for clarity on whether or not African DNA is beneficial to curing diseases….

Are We Ready For Artificial Intelligence?

You’ve seen the movies, read the articles, and have probably watched a few documentaries on artificial intelligence. But are we ready for a world that operates from a computer? I thought about this after watching a clip from The Wall Street Journal discussing a growing number of classrooms in China that are being equipped with AI….


Greetings Good People, I posed a question in a previous post about the necessity of living and working outside of planet earth—with the evolution of technology, that conversation no longer seems like a far-fetched illusion. Based on the research I’ve been doing, particularly on the treatment of the planet, leaving might become the only option…