China’s Manhood Training

I briefly touched on the importance of protecting masculinity in a previous post, and a full breakdown as to why will be written in the near future. Western culture has become so depressingly effeminate and liberal that underground manhood organizations are beginning to sprout throughout the country. However, to my surprise, this isn’t just an American issue. Globally, there is a war on masculinity, but countries like China are doing something about it.

According to BBC News, China’s government has expressed concerns about the country’s most popular idols for boys no longer being strong, athletic figures or army heroes. So the education ministry has issued The Proposal to Prevent the Feminisation of Male Adolescents, which will call on schools to reform physical education and strengthen their recruitment of teachers. With this proposal, retired athletes will help develop sports that’ll cultivate the male students’ masculinity.

In further effort to combat the masculinity crisis, which is mostly influenced by the androgynous K-pop culture, a former schoolteacher and coach, Tang Haiyan, has founded the Real Man Training Club. The boys who join this club range in age, the youngest noted-member being seven years old, and participate in weekly activities like American football, wrestling, boxing, and annual treks through the desert and mountains. Those who cry during training are ignored.

The University of Hong Kong’s Song Geng advised the following:

“They’re worrying that if Chinese men are so effeminate… then we will become a weak country in future and we cannot compete with our rivals.”

“There’s anxiety about the virility of the nation being harmed by those effeminate male images.”

Screenwriter Wang Hailin continued with the following:

“We need to be aware of this effeminacy before it’s too late and deal with it.”

While the United States prides itself on weakening its men, China’s doing the opposite. I think we should take notes, especially those within my community who are anchoring their sons to become pansies.

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Photo Credit: The LA Times

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  1. Theodore Robbins says:

    Although my comment will be taken the wrong way I do believe that this is one of the positive steps in preserving the male image and prospering the country as well. Strong male leadership can only enhance the country’s future prominence in the future.

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    1. Unc, your comment will only be taken the wrong way from liberals without a clue. Preserving strong male images is a necessity.

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