Words From The Wise: Dr. Okunami Obádélé Kambon

“Once we start using the word ‘Kemet’ again in the deepest sense—not as the narrow nation-state—but in the deepest sense of what it really means, land of Black people, then where I’m standing right now is also Kemet.”

– Dr. Okunami Obádélé Kambon


There have been several debates centered around nationality for African Americans, and I recently came across a scholar who cleared up all confusion. Dr. Okunami Obádélé Kambon.

Dr. Okunami Obádélé Kambon is the founder of Abibitumi.com: an educational institute specializing in online and offline teachings of various Afrikan languages, Afrikan liberation, and the Afrikan experience. He received a degree in African American Studies at Morehouse College, a master’s in African Languages and Literature on a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and completed his PhD in Linguistics at the University of Ghana. Dr. Kambon is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Ghana Journal of Linguistics, as well as Secretary of the African Studies Association of Africa. His research of interest includes Serial Verb Construction Nominalization, Historical Linguistics, Kemetology, and Afrikan Liberation.

I want to share a few videos of Dr. Kambon that I found interesting. For additional information, check out his official website as well as YouTube channel. If you’d like to discuss any of his content, feel free to comment below.

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