Nigeria to Stop Teaching English in Primary School?

The Nigerian government has announced a policy that will drastically change their educational structure for primary schooling: teachers will teach their students in their local languages instead of English.

According to BBC News, Nigeria’s Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu, advised that the framework is known as the National Language Policy. It stipulates that for the first six years, children will be taught in their mother tongue; pupils learn much better when they’re taught in their native languages.

It’s been noted that English is Nigeria’s official language, and it’s used in all learning institutions. So the transition will be a challenge, seeing as how Nigeria has more than 600 languages spoken.

Regardless, this is a phenomenal move made by Nigeria. Hopefully, others will follow suit.

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Photo Credit: The Guardian

Khalid, I. (2022, November 30). Nigeria to push promotion of local languages at school. BBC News. Retrieved December 3, 2022, from 


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