12-Year-Old Buys Classmate New Sneakers

With the daily doses of hostility being pushed on every media outlet, it’s refreshing to come across a positive news story—especially one that highlights our youth.

After witnessing his classmate being bullied because of his sneakers, 12-year-old Romello Early bought his friend a new pair with his life savings.

According to CBS News, this story takes place at Buffalo Creek Academy, a charter school in Buffalo, New York. Bryant Brown, the Academy’s dean of culture, stated the students there place a high value on sneakers—the more expensive the sneakers, the more elevated the status.

“When you come to school, people look at your shoes before they even look at your face.”

No one felt that pressure like seventh grader Melvin Anderson, who constantly got picked on for wearing worn-out shoes. That’s when his classmate Romello put a plan into action.

Romello said that it bothered him seeing Melvin get bullied. It was to the point that he came home one day in tears and told his mother.

“When she got home I said, ‘Mom, you can take away anything you’re getting me for Christmas, or you could take my allowance, I just want to get him some shoes.'”

“Nobody deserves to get put down based on a pair of shoes that he’s going to eventually grow out of.”

Romello put together $135 and bought new shoes for his friend. His goal is to convince his peers that shoes are made for walking, not dividing and diminishing.

Respect to that young man. His intentions and message should resonate with just as many adults, especially in today’s vanity.

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Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

Hartman, S. (2022, November 18). 12-year-old boy buys bullied classmate brand new sneakers. CBS News. Retrieved November 27, 2022, from https://www.cbsnews.com/news/12-year-old-boy-buys-bullied-classmate-brand-new-sneakers-buffalo-new-york/ 


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    Great story!

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