A Such Thing as Too Late

Greetings Everyone,

I had a chance to watch an independent short film entitled A Such Thing as Too Late, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Directed by Korey Townsend and Jae Harrison, A Such Thing as Too Late stars Amber Barnes, Kevin Kaze Thomas, Brandon Solomon, and Terri Montrel.

An abusive husband, Michael Thompson (Thomas), must face the consequences of his actions and bad behavior toward his wife, Renee Thompson Wright (Barnes).

There are quite a few age-old sayings about karma, and the one that we ALL know ran through my head while watching this film.

A Such Thing as Too Late is a beautifully shot story that highlights the selfish, narcissistic behavioral traits of human beings, particularly those in relationships, and the inevitable consequences waiting at the end. The cinematography aligned with the music and score keeps your interest from start to finish, the performances from the actors add to the overall pacing, and the powerful message in the climax brings every emotion displayed full circle at the conclusion.

What I enjoyed the most about this film was its story structure. Screenwriter David Speaks did a phenomenal job piecing this story together and feeding just the right amount of drama to the audience, making turning your head not an option.

Hopefully, there’s more to come.

Grade of A

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Photo Credit: IMDb


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  1. Cathleen Phillips says:

    Sounds like a movie I would like to

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    1. Yes, you’ll enjoy it.


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