Russia “Unfriends” The Bahamas

The Russian government has listed The Bahamas as an unfriendly state to its country.

According to Loop, The Russian Foreign Ministry listed The Bahamas as “unfriendly” after imposing a ban on any transactions with the Bank of Russia; the Bahamas will join Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands on the unfriendly Caribbean states list.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, over 50 countries, including the United States, have been unfriended by Russia.

The Bahamas Foreign Ministry made the following statement in response to Russia’s actions:

“We have committed no unfriendly acts against Russia in the objective sense of that word.”

“The impact is more symbolic than real.”

Welp, it looks like The Bahamas lost a “friend.”

But was Russia ever really a friend?

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Photo Credit: Foreign Policy

Russia adds The Bahamas to unfriendly countries list. LOOP. (2022, July 25). Retrieved July 27, 2022, from 


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