Prince William’s Royal Tour to the Islands

Prince Williams and Catherine Middleton recently went on a weeklong royal tour to Central America and the Caribbean; the couple visited countries like Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. The trip intended to strengthen the U.K.’s ties with Commonwealth countries as Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 70 years on the throne.

According to Loop News, during a speech in Nassau, Bahamas, Prince Williams expressed his support of nations that have cut ties with the British monarchy. He advised that he supports the countries’ decisions and stated that “relationships evolve” and “friendship endures.”

However, not everyone was pleased about the royal tour.

A protest was held in Belize, opposing the royals’ visit to the Akte ‘il Ha cacao farm. There’s been an apparent dispute between the locals and Flora and Fauna International (FFI), a conservation organization that Prince Williams supports.

Protestors in Kingston, Jamaica, also voiced their concerns. They presented a letter demanding that the British apologize for slavery and grant the former colony reparations.

This pseudo-damage control from the royals is baseless without monetary action. And what did Prince Williams mean when he said, “relationships evolve” and “friendship endures”? Is that slang for “let bygones be bygones”?

Rhetorical question.

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Photo Credit: The New York Times

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