Kenyan Personality Confronts French President

The synergy on the continent is shifting in the right direction because more and more Africans seem to be about that action, and I’m loving it.

During the France-Africa Summit in Montpellier, France, Kenyan Media Personality Adelle Onyango confronted French President Emmanuel Macron and asked him to explain what his country stood for. She accused France of living in denial of its colonial past and urged the country to take accountability.

The following was advised, by way of Mwakilishi:

“We as Africans feel the pain of colonization every single day. What we end up with is skepticism of what exactly does France stands for.”

Onyango, along with 11 other young African leaders, urged France to support democratic renewal in countries practicing a democratic dictatorship.

As a solution, President Macron pledged to introduce an honest assessment of France’s colonial past in school curriculums.

“Asking for an apology is too easy… I don’t believe that we can free ourselves of this history.”

“I don’t believe that we can free ourselves of this history. I believe in a policy of recognition.”

Watered-down history lessons in schools are tone-deaf if you ask me. France should be talking about compensation, or don’t talk at all.

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Photo Credit: Modern Ghana

Wanjohi, J. (2021, October 9). Applause as Kenyan Media Personality Adelle Onyango Confronts French President Macron. Mwakilishi. Retrieved October 11, 2021, from 


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