President Paul Kagame Confirms Alliance With Mozambique

I’ve highlighted Rwandan President Paul Kagame several times throughout this blog. He’s one of the few African leaders with a backbone, set of nuts, and an invested interest in the progression of Africa. His recent visit to Mozambique didn’t disappoint either, as Kagame confirmed the alliance between Rwanda and Mozambique.

According to Al Jazeera, an armed militia known as al-Shabab has been attacking the Cabo Delgado province in Mozambique since October 2017. Some of their attacks include raiding villages and towns, killing more than 3,306 people, and displacing 800,000 civilians from their homes.

President Kagame, however, recently deployed 1,000 Rwandan soldiers to help protect against the terrorist group. Rwanda was the first of several African countries to provide reinforcements to the Mozambique army back in July. And the President confirmed after his arrival that his troops will help secure and rebuild the destroyed areas in the province.

President Kagame issued the following statement:

“The work hasn’t been easy.”

“You have done great work alongside Mozambican troops. You sacrificed and endured days and nights in the scorching sun, heavy rains.”

“The work done so far cannot stop here. We now have another task which is to continue rebuilding and protecting this country.”

Since joining forces, Rwandan and Mozambican troops took back a key port city in northern Mozambique, Mocímboa da Praia. It was the terrorist group’s last stronghold and home of Africa’s largest gas fields.

Other countries throughout the continent are following Rwanda’s lead, particularly South Africa, who sent 1,500 troops to assist. The Southern African Regional Bloc (SADC) will also be sending reinforcements.

Salute to President Paul Kagame. Hopefully, other leaders will start taking notes.

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Photo Credit: Twitter

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